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(Peri Kamboja of English Version)

The Frangipani Fairy
Helping of the Dwrf’s Palace
Creator: K. Usman
            The Frangipani Fairy flies between the leafy greens. In the wide road underside, the dwarfs stand in rows orderly.
            “One-two! One-two!”
            Those dwarfs walk  singing. “Please come soon the flower season. The beautiful season for all of us”
            The Yellow Drafs walks in the frontage. He sees the frangipani flower blossom in the edge of road. “Look at the flower! The flower is so fine-looking, it shapes like trumpet. It smells good and refresh.”
            “Lets we pick that flower!” the Black Dwarf asked.
            “What for?” said the Orange Dwarf mocking. “That is only the flower of cemetery. Hiiyy...I am frightened!” he said with pretending that he is frightened. The other dwarfs are smiling when they saw it.
            But, the White Dwarf said, “The Frangipani flower is not always as a shelter in the graveyard. Frangipani flower is also planted in the home garden and city gardens because the flower is very beautiful an fine-looking.”
            The Frangipani Fairy still flies above the dwarfs. She crawls between the leaves. She can hear clearly what the dwarfs saying. Is the Frangipani Fairy angry because Frangipani flower regarded as the flower of cemetery? No! The Frangipani Fairy is not angry, she even feels glad and proud.
            The flower fairies have been gathering under Kemuning’s tree.
            “Lets we compete to patch the fine rain,” the Yellow Magnolia Fairy asked.
            “It’s good idea,” the Fragrant Night Fairy answered.
            “But, how will we do it?”
            “We patch the fine rain which is in the air. It means, we do not collect the falling rain in the ground or on the leaves,” the Yellow Magnolia Fairy described. “So, who are collecting much water, she will be the winner.”
            “It’s so interesting,” the Fragnant Night Fairy answered.
            “Lets we start it!”
            “But, we do not have the jury yet,” the Magnolia Fairy said.
            “How about appoint the parrot to be the jury?” the Cananga Fairy suggested.
            The other flower fairies laugh out loud while they heard it.
            “Ha-ha-ha... . Hi-hi-hi... .”
            “The parrot like to immite. It is not proper to be the jury, right?” they answered.
            “That’s right? Someone who likes to imitate is easy to be affected by another.”
            “We can choose the Honey Bee Queen to be the jury,” the Rose Fairy recommended and the other flower fairies agree with her.
            Suddenly, the Fragnant Night Fairy realized that there is fairy missing. “Where is the Frangipani Fairy?” she asked. The other fairies are also realizing that.
            “Maybe she still dresses up,” said the Rose Fairy.
            “It would not be enchanting if the participants of this game are not complete,” the Cananga Fairy said. “It is better to go to the Frangipani Fairy’s house. We ask her to follow this game.”
            The flower fairies fly to the Frangipani Fairy’s house shortly. They fly with singing, “There are so many clouds in the sky. It is white like fish skeleton.”
            At the Frangipani Fairy’s house, they are surprised. The Frangipani Fairy has been fighting with the Black Dwarf.
            “Why are you dropping my flower off?” she said.
            “I just pick a bunch!” the Black Dwarf answered.
            “But, you do not permit,” the Frangipani Fairy said.
The Rose Fairy tries to separate the fighting. “Having fight is not good behavior. Why do not you end this fight an living in harmony? If you want to pick anything, you must permit to the owner first.”
            The Black Dwarf realizes his fault and apologizes to the Frangipani Fairy. Then, the Rose Fairy describe to the Frangipani Fairy that giving something to others is good deed. The Frangipani Fairy understand it. She is willing to forgive the Black Dwarf.
            “Now, lets we compete in the game of collecting the fine rain. Righ?” the Rose Fairy asked. The Frangipani Fairy is interested to follow it. But the Black Dwarf refuses it.
            “The game of collecting the fine rain is not exciting,” the Black Dwarf said.

...to be continue.. (^.^)

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